It’s A …..

So I know that this post is extremely late but (drumroll please)….. it’s a girl!!!!!!! We were so happy to find out. We had been saying it’s a girl for a long time and so many people in our family and some friends were trying to say it was a boy. I had to keep telling them to get away from me with that male juju.


This was only my second ultrasound, so it was awesome to see how much she had grown since I last saw her around my 6th week of pregnancy. She was moving around so much! I have completely falling in love with my baby girl. I’m so anxious and excited to finally get to meet her. My initial due date was 4/6/2018 but it was moved up by a couple days to 4/4/2018. So she went from being expected 5 days before my 30th birthday to a week before. I’m looking forward to this journey of raising my baby girl!!!!


Happy 2018 Everyone!

I hope that everyone enjoyed their New Year’s Eve and were very safe. I did not do your typical New Year Resolution. No New Year, New Me or any of that. But I did vow to post on my blog weekly because I have really gotten out of the habit of posting on here daily like I used to. I hope that those of you who did make New Year’s Resolution, you follow through with them!

Half Way Mark!

So I have not been on here since late June and here is why … I took a brief break to enjoy the summer without internet and then I found out I was pregnant!

So last week I officially reached the half way point- 20 weeks, which means that I unfortunately have 20 more long weeks to go. Who says that it has to take 40 weeks for a baby to fully cook inside a woman’s womb before she can meet her baby. Geesh! Clearly you can tell that I’m a tad bit impatient. This is clearly Gods way of starting to make me work on my patience.

So far I have been enjoying being pregnant. Although, I must admit that I did not realize how much a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. My first trimester was horrible. Not joking one bit at all. I had really bad morning sickness and I couldn’t eat anything. Which totally messed me up especially when I couldn’t eat fruit no more. Which was absolutely annoying as hell because if you really knew me you’d know how much I love to eat fruit. As I am writing this I’m eating strawberries and pineapples! Once I hit my second trimester I started feeling so much better. I was able to eat again and I began to feel my baby move around inside of me. This was the best part and still is the best part of being pregnant! I love to feel my little one moving around simply because it reminds me that this is soo real. Like I legit have a human growing inside of my body that one day soon I will be responsible for providing for and teaching them how to maneuver this world and be a responsible, smart adult. I already love this baby so much and we haven’t eve met yet. But I cant wait to be able to hold, kiss, cuddle, and love my baby til’ the day that I leave this earth!

So with reaching my half way point, this upcoming week I will be able to finally find out the sex of my baby. I am hoping that it is a girl, as we already have a girls name picked out that I absolutely love. Still working on a boys name but we got some time, even if it is a boy. With being 21 weeks currently I am feeling my baby move oh so much now and sometimes she (because I want it to be a girl) moves so much that I can literally just touch much stomach and feel her. Which my doctor said we (the father and I) wouldn’t be able to do until 24-25 weeks at the earliest. Guess it goes to show that every women is different!

From now moving forward I will give weekly updates about this journey that I a embarking on, so stay tuned!!

Do You Like You?

I like me

I like everything about me

But you constantly try to degrade me

Try to make me feel self pity

Try to make me feel like I ain’t shit

Just another average, worthless bitch

Not even worth a dime

And you chose not to spend time

No time with me

Or my family

What type of man are you

Or is it something deeper

Much deeper than you care to admit

I have a question

Do you like you?

When you look at yourself

What do you see

Do you see someone happy

 Or someone going through the motions of life

Do you see someone who is living their best life

Or someone who craves to live their best life

You have a lack of respect for the opposite sex

A lack of respect for the people who brought you into this world

So how could you ever respect me?

This is what I have finally opened my eyes to see

I tried to see the best in you

But you cant even see the good in you

Maybe there just is no good in you

So do you even like you?

xoxo Mz Hollywood


Do You Notice Me

For 3 years I have been right by your side,

but do you notice me.

I stay loyal and faithful never straying away,

but do you notice me.

You hurt me over and over and I still stay,

and yet you still don’t notice me.

I would give up my life for you,

but do you notice me.

I do whatever it takes to make you happy,

but do you notice me.

I cry myself to sleep every single night,

but do you notice me.

I take all your disrespect and still love you,

but do you notice me.

Now I am fed up and I am leaving you for good,

and now you notice me.


xoxo Mz Hollywood


Handmade Jewelry

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