Finding Our Way

I never thought that this could be
But now your standing here in front of me
And now that we have found our way
I promise to never be led astray
You are everything that I want and need
No one else will ever come between
I have walked down many wrong paths
But from the feeling you give me I pray this will last
You say you have been searching for someone like me
But I was always around and you never opened your eyes to see
That me your best friend was the perfect one
I’m just so glad that in my life you have finally come
And now that we have found our way
I hope that you’ll be here to stay


Over It

Screaming, Fussing

Fighting, Arguing

Lately that’s all we seem to do

No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to get through to you

Each and every day it’s like the same bullshit just stuck on repeat

I swear, you gone look up and fuck around and lose out on me

Cuz I ain’t got no time for all these games you tryna play

It ain’t nothing for me to pack these bags and be on my way

You out here thinking you something like the playa type

Like you can go on out and get whoever you like, right

But what you don’t know is, man, you ain’t shit

Out here thinking you slaying, with that tired ass dick

Coming home in the middle of the night thinking you gone lick on this clit

Naw, naw, boo boo you got me fucked up and you can’t have none of this shit

I’m constantly giving you chance after chance, chance after chance

Like damn, how long you think ima do this same song and dance

You think you slick, like Pretty Willie or Slick Rick

Got all different types of bitches phone numbers and pics

I was like all hell naw, wait a minute, don’t trip

Don’t even let a motherfucker see you all mad and shit

You come in acting like everything all cool and good

Saying you just got caught up being out with them boyz in da hood

That’s the same tired excuse that you try to use all the time

Like I can’t tell when you looking in my face and telling me a damn lie

You do this shit cuz you don’t believe I will leave you, right

Well I done already packed my bags and baby I’m leaving tonight

I hope you have a good life, no really I do

Cuz I know i’m gone have a good life too

Because I no longer will have to deal with all the bullshit that comes with you

I ain’t mad, I’m over this and you

Great Moments


Some of the greatest moments happen when we don’t expect it

Like coming across a gentle soul who brings great moments of bliss

Like catching that perfect shot on your camera while walking on the beach

Like seeing a shooting star fly across the sky on a beautiful summer night

Life brings moments of beauty, unpredictability and pain

Sometimes you want to give up and walk away

But focus on the goodness of life

Because after it rains for days the sun always comes out to shine

In Reality

You . . .
You give me this feeling that I just can’t run away from
No matter how hard I try to deny it and I do
When you call, regardless of when, I come
Your like a drug and I need a fix of you
The way you send my body into overdrive
With just one look, one touch, one kiss
You know just what to do and thats no lie
You . . .
You make my entire body burn like its been set to fire
With just the simplest thought of you
There is no denying this passion and desire
Thats is inherently between us two
Yet Im constantly running from that feeling you give me
But in reality you want me and I want you

To Love Again

I want to love again
But I’m afraid to
I want to love again
But not sure if it’s time to
I want to love again
But how do I know your right
I want to love again
But I’m not sure if your my knight
I want to love again
But I don’t want another heartbreak
I want to love again
But what if u cause me heartache
I want to love again
I want to love again
To love

No Happy Ending


When we were young we were
told stories of the happy ever after
Growing up you always tried to hold
on to it but it became a disaster
What we thought was love was nothing
but a figment of our imagination
Now it’s too late for the I’m sorries
and for even more complication
I can no longer continue to be in one dysfunctional relationship after another.
I will no longer deal with so many of these sorry, ungrateful lovers.