Versatile Blogger Award


Hello everyone! I am excited and honored to be receiving my first award nomination for my blog! I was not expecting this at all. I was nominated by KC and I really, truly appreciate it. You can go view her blog at


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7 Facts About Me 

  1. I have a potato chip addiction ( I can eat them all non-stop all day)
  2. I love the color red
  3. I love animals
  4. The only season that I dislike is WINTER
  5. I’m super goofy
  6. I’m a tv junkie ( I watch everything)
  7. I really love sports especially basketball #GoBulls



My Dream Reader

Today’s assignment for Blogging 101: publish a post for your dream reader, and include a new-to-you element in it.

This is a very difficult assignment for me because I don’t just have one particular type of person that I would like to read my work. I want all types of people from artists, to business people, etc. to read my blog because I know that of all the things I write, there is something that everyone can relate to. I simply write poetry and the thoughts that I have on life and relationships and I strive for people to read it, like it, enjoy it and hopefully follow my blog.

Non-Distant Memory (In Remembrance of You)

You were taken to soon from me and I still don’t know why
No one can give me any answers but I would’ve worked hard to give you a perfect life
I still think of you each and every day
How you would have looked and laughed and helped me to be better in every way…

This is in remembrance of you now and for years to come


Reality of Identity

Originally posted by Life. I hope you all enjoy it !


The reality of my identity cannot be
expressed by the words that are pressed
in the pages of ages past.
but if I say them out loud
with the tongue in my mouth,
they’re more real than the peals
that grind in my mind and eat
away at my brain.

Even so I still go to the places I know,
but to face the unknown with
courage says more.

There are times when I rise to
the courage it takes to face the great
unknown –
to become the “me” that I’d rather be
instead of the “me” that I’ve been.

Sadly, I’ve found, as all time compounds,
the “me” that I’d be
has slipped from my grasp and settled
just out of reach.

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Being a Better You

Most of us are guilty of trying to be better than the next person all the time. Especially when you are in a competitive job environment but instead try being a better you! When you wake up in the morning each day you should strive to be a better person than you were the day before. This practice will allow you to become your true self every moment of everyday.

Just a thought that I had !

My Vacation is Officially Over

Tomorrow I start another semester of classes for my Masters program and I go back to work. I have truly enjoyed my Winter Break from classes and my 5 day vacation from work. I wish it could be a few days longer, but back to my clients I shall go!

After this semester of classes I will only have 3 more semesters until I get my MA in ABA and one step closer to getting my BCBA certification! Which is something that I am looking forward to because that will help me come closer to my career goals.

I am a tad bit nervous about going back to work because I will have a new client. He seems like he will be a very enjoyable kid to work with. I love working with kids who have Autism and related disorders , it gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel extremely good about myself knowing that I am helping a child and their family.

But I still have enjoyed my vacation a great deal and wish that it wasn’t ending !