Flows from the river

Flowing all the way towards me

Using it daily

It nourishes and cleanses me

The importance is so vast

Yet we do not notice

xoxo Mz Hollywood


Do You Like You?

I like me

I like everything about me

But you constantly try to degrade me

Try to make me feel self pity

Try to make me feel like I ain’t shit

Just another average, worthless bitch

Not even worth a dime

And you chose not to spend time

No time with me

Or my family

What type of man are you

Or is it something deeper

Much deeper than you care to admit

I have a question

Do you like you?

When you look at yourself

What do you see

Do you see someone happy

 Or someone going through the motions of life

Do you see someone who is living their best life

Or someone who craves to live their best life

You have a lack of respect for the opposite sex

A lack of respect for the people who brought you into this world

So how could you ever respect me?

This is what I have finally opened my eyes to see

I tried to see the best in you

But you cant even see the good in you

Maybe there just is no good in you

So do you even like you?

xoxo Mz Hollywood


Do You Notice Me

For 3 years I have been right by your side,

but do you notice me.

I stay loyal and faithful never straying away,

but do you notice me.

You hurt me over and over and I still stay,

and yet you still don’t notice me.

I would give up my life for you,

but do you notice me.

I do whatever it takes to make you happy,

but do you notice me.

I cry myself to sleep every single night,

but do you notice me.

I take all your disrespect and still love you,

but do you notice me.

Now I am fed up and I am leaving you for good,

and now you notice me.


xoxo Mz Hollywood


Handmade Jewelry

Young Beautiful Fly  is a jewelry company that I have started and I sell online, do pop up shops (parties at homes) and at fairs. I sell handmade jewelry for women that can be worn for any occasion. I specialize in wire work and beading as it is something that I just love to do. I think that it brings a nice element to jewelry whether you wear it everyday or for special occasions.

Belle Necklace Aqua

I also do custom orders. If you see a style that you like but you want it in different colors or with specific beads or charms I can tailor it to however you want it. Check out my website for all the products that I sell by clicking the name above that directs you straight to my website.


You can also email me at youngbeautifulflyline@gmail.com. Also follow my page on Facebook @youngbeautifulflyline !


Well guys it has clearly been a while since you have heard from me. I been a little bit busy with life, work and relationships. I am back now and I have tons of things to share with you all, some happy and exciting and some sad. But hey, that’s just how life goes I guess *shrugs shoulders*. I have learned that you have got to take the good with the bad, the ups with the downs, and the pretty with the ugly. So I will be sharing all of that and more with you.


xoxo Mz Hollywood