Half Way Mark!

So I have not been on here since late June and here is why … I took a brief break to enjoy the summer without internet and then I found out I was pregnant!

So last week I officially reached the half way point- 20 weeks, which means that I unfortunately have 20 more long weeks to go. Who says that it has to take 40 weeks for a baby to fully cook inside a woman’s womb before she can meet her baby. Geesh! Clearly you can tell that I’m a tad bit impatient. This is clearly Gods way of starting to make me work on my patience.

So far I have been enjoying being pregnant. Although, I must admit that I did not realize how much a woman’s body goes through during pregnancy. My first trimester was horrible. Not joking one bit at all. I had really bad morning sickness and I couldn’t eat anything. Which totally messed me up especially when I couldn’t eat fruit no more. Which was absolutely annoying as hell because if you really knew me you’d know how much I love to eat fruit. As I am writing this I’m eating strawberries and pineapples! Once I hit my second trimester I started feeling so much better. I was able to eat again and I began to feel my baby move around inside of me. This was the best part and still is the best part of being pregnant! I love to feel my little one moving around simply because it reminds me that this is soo real. Like I legit have a human growing inside of my body that one day soon I will be responsible for providing for and teaching them how to maneuver this world and be a responsible, smart adult. I already love this baby so much and we haven’t eve met yet. But I cant wait to be able to hold, kiss, cuddle, and love my baby til’ the day that I leave this earth!

So with reaching my half way point, this upcoming week I will be able to finally find out the sex of my baby. I am hoping that it is a girl, as we already have a girls name picked out that I absolutely love. Still working on a boys name but we got some time, even if it is a boy. With being 21 weeks currently I am feeling my baby move oh so much now and sometimes she (because I want it to be a girl) moves so much that I can literally just touch much stomach and feel her. Which my doctor said we (the father and I) wouldn’t be able to do until 24-25 weeks at the earliest. Guess it goes to show that every women is different!

From now moving forward I will give weekly updates about this journey that I a embarking on, so stay tuned!!