It’s A …..

So I know that this post is extremely late but (drumroll please)….. it’s a girl!!!!!!! We were so happy to find out. We had been saying it’s a girl for a long time and so many people in our family and some friends were trying to say it was a boy. I had to keep telling them to get away from me with that male juju.


This was only my second ultrasound, so it was awesome to see how much she had grown since I last saw her around my 6th week of pregnancy. She was moving around so much! I have completely falling in love with my baby girl. I’m so anxious and excited to finally get to meet her. My initial due date was 4/6/2018 but it was moved up by a couple days to 4/4/2018. So she went from being expected 5 days before my 30th birthday to a week before. I’m looking forward to this journey of raising my baby girl!!!!


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