About Me

I am a carefree and spontaneous lover of life! I love to experience new things in life. My sign is an Aries so that should tell you a lot about what you will be reading. I started this blog to share my thoughts about what goes on in life and to share my poetry. Poetry is my first love and I think that it is a different way to talk about how you feel. 

Most of my writing in this blog is about life, love, relationships and pain. There will be some poetry, short stories and my thoughts on different topics concerning life, love and relationships. Maybe even some of my paintings. I am by no means a professional artists but I love to paint in my spare time. I am inspired by everything that’s around me. My motto in life is “Making the most out of everything and regretting nothing!”

So follow my blog and give me honest feedback on what you think about my writing. Well, I hope that you all enjoy and follow my blog!  


5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi, I was nominated by you for the Versatile Blogger Award somewhere in june,2015. I just dropped by to say that I have now changed the link to my site to http://www.kaushikksthoughtmachine.wordpress.com and I was wondering If you could make the following changes on the respective page regarding the award. Wishing you a splendid year ahead. Cheers! 🙂

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