I truly love what I do for a living. I am an in home behavior therapist for children on the autism spectrum. I love seeing the progress that my clients make! It brings me great joy to know that I am helping these children and their families. It can be a tough job at times but I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 



Versatile Blogger Award


Hello everyone! I am excited and honored to be receiving my first award nomination for my blog! I was not expecting this at all. I was nominated by KC and I really, truly appreciate it. You can go view her blog at https://theeleventhletter.wordpress.com


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7 Facts About Me 

  1. I have a potato chip addiction ( I can eat them all non-stop all day)
  2. I love the color red
  3. I love animals
  4. The only season that I dislike is WINTER
  5. I’m super goofy
  6. I’m a tv junkie ( I watch everything)
  7. I really love sports especially basketball #GoBulls

















Being a Better You

Most of us are guilty of trying to be better than the next person all the time. Especially when you are in a competitive job environment but instead try being a better you! When you wake up in the morning each day you should strive to be a better person than you were the day before. This practice will allow you to become your true self every moment of everyday.

Just a thought that I had !

My Vacation is Officially Over

Tomorrow I start another semester of classes for my Masters program and I go back to work. I have truly enjoyed my Winter Break from classes and my 5 day vacation from work. I wish it could be a few days longer, but back to my clients I shall go!

After this semester of classes I will only have 3 more semesters until I get my MA in ABA and one step closer to getting my BCBA certification! Which is something that I am looking forward to because that will help me come closer to my career goals.

I am a tad bit nervous about going back to work because I will have a new client. He seems like he will be a very enjoyable kid to work with. I love working with kids who have Autism and related disorders , it gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel extremely good about myself knowing that I am helping a child and their family.

But I still have enjoyed my vacation a great deal and wish that it wasn’t ending !

Just Live


I know that most of us are guilty of constantly analyzing the past and planning the future. I know that I am guilty of this. I was so sure of how my life would end up. I literally had a 10 year plan coming out of high school. It was not until I was 2 years out of high school that I realized life just does not work like that and it crushed me. Still, til this day I constantly think about my past and how I could have done things differently to put me in a different but better place in my life. Although, I know that it will not change the course of events that have happened nor can I go back in time and do it all over. I am also guilty, as I know most of us are, of running away from what I truly feel in my heart out of fear of getting hurt. Yet, I know it is inevitable despite how much I try to convince myself otherwise. One of my many character flaws is that I tend to overthink some things instead of just opening myself up to the many possibilities of love. I tend to withdraw from people when I feel that they are getting to close to me and I realize that if I continue to do this love will definitely pass me by. I have always wanted to find true love and if Im not susceptible to it, it will never find me. So I have took a vow to just live life and let whatever happens, happens.

Just my thoughts right now!