There was a distant echo as the winds blew strong. Outside, the clouds were a thick gray and black. Lightning struck as though it was coming with a vengeance. No one knew what was happening nor why. The lights in the house began to flicker. There has never been a storm like this before, ever, in the history of Astron. Everyone in Astron came out of their houses to get a closer look at what was transpiring outside. Clark, one of my neighbors tried to tell her something but it was too hard to hear with the wind blowing so strong. “I can’t hear you”, she yelled to Clark. So he ran closer to her. “Can you believe what is happening”, said Clark. Before she could answer the lightning struck the power lines and a fire broke out. All you could hear were screams of everyone yelling “fire, fire”. Everyone began running back to their houses. She ran inside to pack a bag of clothes.  She decided to drive to her best friend Tammy house. As she walked out the door a pole came flying towards her. Before I could duck it pierced through her stomach. A neighbor named Janice saw and she ran over and tried to dial 911 but the call wouldn’t go through. Janice sat and held her hand and stroked her hair until she took her last breath. At that moment she knew Janice was a great friend. Oh beautiful Astron, how she will miss your beauty…!