Great Moments


Some of the greatest moments happen when we don’t expect it

Like coming across a gentle soul who brings great moments of bliss

Like catching that perfect shot on your camera while walking on the beach

Like seeing a shooting star fly across the sky on a beautiful summer night

Life brings moments of beauty, unpredictability and pain

Sometimes you want to give up and walk away

But focus on the goodness of life

Because after it rains for days the sun always comes out to shine


In Reality

You . . .
You give me this feeling that I just can’t run away from
No matter how hard I try to deny it and I do
When you call, regardless of when, I come
Your like a drug and I need a fix of you
The way you send my body into overdrive
With just one look, one touch, one kiss
You know just what to do and thats no lie
You . . .
You make my entire body burn like its been set to fire
With just the simplest thought of you
There is no denying this passion and desire
Thats is inherently between us two
Yet Im constantly running from that feeling you give me
But in reality you want me and I want you

To Love Again

I want to love again
But I’m afraid to
I want to love again
But not sure if it’s time to
I want to love again
But how do I know your right
I want to love again
But I’m not sure if your my knight
I want to love again
But I don’t want another heartbreak
I want to love again
But what if u cause me heartache
I want to love again
I want to love again
To love

No Happy Ending


When we were young we were
told stories of the happy ever after
Growing up you always tried to hold
on to it but it became a disaster
What we thought was love was nothing
but a figment of our imagination
Now it’s too late for the I’m sorries
and for even more complication
I can no longer continue to be in one dysfunctional relationship after another.
I will no longer deal with so many of these sorry, ungrateful lovers.


Letting Go

It’s hard to let go of something that you have known for 5 years plus.
Even though you know that it will not work.
Its your comfort zone and it’s all that you know.
But how do you know when it’s truly time to let it go.
How do you move on to something else.
When its hard to get over the feelings you have felt.
Love is a strong feeling that doesn’t go away over night.
But I can no longer stay and continue to have this fight.
I deserve to be happy and treated with respect.
Not constantly waiting around for your eyes to see that.
It’s hard to let go but I have to do this for me.
I hope you have a successful and happy life for all of eternity!

The New Age of Man

What is wrong with this new age of man?
They no longer open our doors or pull out our chairs.
They no longer give us the simplest romantic gestures and loving stares.
They no longer take us on dates just to spend quality time.
They no longer buy us nice flowers with a note “Just because you are mines”.
They no longer date us to actually get to know us inside and out.
They no longer write us beautiful love letters and poems telling us what they’re all about.
They no longer take us for romantic walks along the beach.
They no longer talk to us with respect when they speak.
They no longer call us ladies, miss or ma’am.
They no longer like to walk and hold our hands.
They no longer call to tell us good morning and goodnight.
They no longer show that for our love they are willing to fight.
The men who still do all of these things are a rare commodity.
But maybe there are more of you out there possibly.


The beauty in your eyes

And the softness of your body

Sends me into overdrive.

The feel of your fingers

Running up and down my spine

Has my body feeling so alive.

The sweetness of your lips

I just can’t resist.

The taste of your tongue

Has already got me sprung.

This night that we share

Has taken a turn for the better.

Just looking into your eyes

Is making me wetter.

You whisper so softly in my ear

I close my eyes

And I start to shiver.

From the touch of your fingers

Kissing me from head to toe

You know just how to make me quiver.

Feeling Ecstasy . . .

Feeling Ecstasy . . .

Both Climaxing . . .

Both Climaxing . . .

Wetness is all around us

Now we’re swimming in passion.

You say you need a breather

But sorry if I show no compassion.

We keep this thing going until

We are both dry like a desert!

Now tell me baby who else

Can give it to you better?

Its something that you do to me

But I know you won’t be here for eternity

So I’m glad that with me you had tons of fun

Im even more glad that I was able to make you cum

We have felt the Ecstasy . . .

We have both Climaxed . . .