Flows from the river

Flowing all the way towards me

Using it daily

It nourishes and cleanses me

The importance is so vast

Yet we do not notice


xoxo Mz Hollywood


What I Need


That is what I need

To be free

To be me

To let go of my worries

Cast away my fears


Lifes’ daily stressors

Taking a toll on me

I feel like I’m drowning

I can barely grasp for air

I feel lost

I feel unheard


If I could escape

This is where I would be

Somewhere that I can have peace

Relax my mind

And experience tranquility





Non-Distant Memory (In Remembrance of You)

You were taken to soon from me and I still don’t know why
No one can give me any answers but I would’ve worked hard to give you a perfect life
I still think of you each and every day
How you would have looked and laughed and helped me to be better in every way…

This is in remembrance of you now and for years to come


Finding Our Way

I never thought that this could be
But now your standing here in front of me
And now that we have found our way
I promise to never be led astray
You are everything that I want and need
No one else will ever come between
I have walked down many wrong paths
But from the feeling you give me I pray this will last
You say you have been searching for someone like me
But I was always around and you never opened your eyes to see
That me your best friend was the perfect one
I’m just so glad that in my life you have finally come
And now that we have found our way
I hope that you’ll be here to stay

The New Age of Man

What is wrong with this new age of man?
They no longer open our doors or pull out our chairs.
They no longer give us the simplest romantic gestures and loving stares.
They no longer take us on dates just to spend quality time.
They no longer buy us nice flowers with a note “Just because you are mines”.
They no longer date us to actually get to know us inside and out.
They no longer write us beautiful love letters and poems telling us what they’re all about.
They no longer take us for romantic walks along the beach.
They no longer talk to us with respect when they speak.
They no longer call us ladies, miss or ma’am.
They no longer like to walk and hold our hands.
They no longer call to tell us good morning and goodnight.
They no longer show that for our love they are willing to fight.
The men who still do all of these things are a rare commodity.
But maybe there are more of you out there possibly.