What Would You Do With $10 Million?

So lately a lot of people have been talking about what they would do if given 10 million dollars. Most people just want to buy a lot of material things. Yet there are some that don’t. So when pondering this question it took me about a good 30 minutes to come up with just about everything I would do with that amount of money.

So first thing first, I would put $2 million in a trust for my daughter. I would build my dream home and get my dream car. I would invest in my jewelry business so that I could reach more people and make more money. I would start my nonprofit organizations: One would be for women and children who are victims of domestic violence, helping them get the resources they need and to stay safe, and rebuild their lives; The other would be for underprivileged boys and girls to help them with staying focused in school, getting into college, learning about credit, learning housekeeping skills, money management, and having good mentors to help them stay off the streets and incarcerated and on a productive path in life. I would put money in savings. I would also invest in a business or two. Lastly, I would start a clothing line for children.

That is what I would do with all that money. I would secure a good future for my daughter and myself. I would build a legacy for her to continue after I have passed away from this earth.

What would you do with $10 million?!

9 Good Reasons To Break Off A Wedding

1. You realized that you are not in love with them

2. You realized that you were rushing into things

3. You found out that they have been cheating

4. You are in love with someone else

5. You decided to take a job offer that will not be beneficial to your marriage

6. Neither of you want to marry each other anymore

7. Neither can agree where to live

8. If you’re drunk and can’t remember the person or their name

9. If the bride/groom doesn’t show up

12 Reasons To Sleep In

1. You are extremely tired

2. You are sick

3. You are seriously hungover from partying

4. You have had mind blowing sex

5. Just got bad news

6. You’re bored

7. You are on vacation

8. The children are gone for the weekend

9. It’s your off day in what seems like forever

10. You have just had surgery

11. Your significant other and you have just broken up

12. You found out that you have been cheated on

These are not in any type of order.