30 Day Challenge – Day 9

Day 9: Your last kiss

Holiday Kisses / 20091220.7D.01613.P1.L1.SQ.BW / SML

My last kiss was with my amazing boyfriend. I love kissing him. I could literally kiss him all day and all night. He has soft lips and his kisses just make me melt. When he kisses me I begin to feel butterflies in my stomach and my knees get a little weak. Not to sloppy and wet and not pecks on the lips. Its just the perfect kiss that I could ever imagine. His kisses are full of love and passion and I feel that every time he grabs the nape of my neck and kisses me. Not too soft and not too weak. Just the perfect balance from the man of my dreams! The thought of knowing that only I will kiss those lips from now until forever warms my heart. I how I love him so!

30 Day Challenge -Day 6

Day 6: The person you like and why you like them

Well, the person that I like is my boyfriend. We have been together for 8 months now and he is simply amazing. What I like the most about him is that he can be extremely caring and protective at times which is great! He is such a family oriented man and he makes me feel special and loved. He loves playing video games with me! He has a good sense of humor and we have fun together. He is really sweet and kind and sort of like a complete opposite of me in some ways. I am very outgoing, friendly and spontaneous and he is very quiet, stays to himself, and is a homebody. One thing I like about him being a little to himself and a homebody is that I don’t really have to worry too much about other females. Which is a plus for me, because I have dealt with a ton of infidelity in my past relationships. He is my dream man and I know that we will grow old together and raise a beautiful family one day!

Finding Our Way

I never thought that this could be
But now your standing here in front of me
And now that we have found our way
I promise to never be led astray
You are everything that I want and need
No one else will ever come between
I have walked down many wrong paths
But from the feeling you give me I pray this will last
You say you have been searching for someone like me
But I was always around and you never opened your eyes to see
That me your best friend was the perfect one
I’m just so glad that in my life you have finally come
And now that we have found our way
I hope that you’ll be here to stay


The beauty in your eyes

And the softness of your body

Sends me into overdrive.

The feel of your fingers

Running up and down my spine

Has my body feeling so alive.

The sweetness of your lips

I just can’t resist.

The taste of your tongue

Has already got me sprung.

This night that we share

Has taken a turn for the better.

Just looking into your eyes

Is making me wetter.

You whisper so softly in my ear

I close my eyes

And I start to shiver.

From the touch of your fingers

Kissing me from head to toe

You know just how to make me quiver.

Feeling Ecstasy . . .

Feeling Ecstasy . . .

Both Climaxing . . .

Both Climaxing . . .

Wetness is all around us

Now we’re swimming in passion.

You say you need a breather

But sorry if I show no compassion.

We keep this thing going until

We are both dry like a desert!

Now tell me baby who else

Can give it to you better?

Its something that you do to me

But I know you won’t be here for eternity

So I’m glad that with me you had tons of fun

Im even more glad that I was able to make you cum

We have felt the Ecstasy . . .

We have both Climaxed . . .