The Show That’s Definitely “Shameless”

The Gallaghers

Episode 12 starts off with Sheila and Jody kidnapping Karen’s baby from the hospital. Of course Sheila was caught by the security cameras stealing the baby. In turn, Lip found out that he was not the father of Karen’s baby. It was sad to see because he took the initiative to try and be there for Karen and the baby by dropping out of school so he could be able to get a full time job to provide for them.  At the end of the previuos episode Monica decided to cut her wrists and had to go to the psychiatric hospital. Since she has been back she started off doing good and trying to take care of her kids so that Fiona could do things that she wanted to do, but it didn’t last long. Fiona just can’t catch a break she has to put everyone else before her! But it’s good that Jimmy is there for Fiona and making an effort for her to get to know the real him, not Steve! Fiona passed her GED and still planned to go back to school despite everything that is going on. Karen, Sheila’s daughter, is such an evil person the way she talks about the baby that she gave birth to! The fact that she didn’t even want to touch the baby was sad. Then, she decides to call the police on her mother so they can take the baby back. Karens plan back fired on her and she decided to give her mother an ulitmatum! The nerve of her! But her mother ended up choosing the baby over her and Karen decided to leave. Frank undoubtedly never ceases to amaze me. He decides that he is going to sneak into the hospital and take Monica. He gets a surprise when Monica is having sex with a girl named Jill. To put the topping on the cake, their daughter Debbie was hiding in the trash bin and popped out! Whoa!!!! Then as Frank was sneaking Monica and Jill out they almost got caught by security. Ultimately Franks plan didnt go as planned because Monica and Jill rode off with each other and left Frank and Debbie. Monica’s last words to Debbie was “you all are better without me”. Poor kids, Monica never stays around to be with them long! This dinner that Fiona had with Jimmy’s family was very interesting. It turns out that Jimmy’s father is the man that Ian has been sleeping with. Shocker! Then, Estefania came knocking on Fiona’s door looking for Jimmy because Marco beat her up. And she is crushing hard on Lip! At the end Frank gets up from being buried underneath the snow after the kids put him out there when he tried to beat up Ian. And the crazy season concludes…..

Here are some clips from Episode 12

Shameless Season 2 Episode 12 clip

Shameless Season 2 Episode 12 clip2