Together Forever

You and me

We’re meant to be

Together forever …

You’ve always been my soulmate

This thing between us is fate

Together forever …

I couldn’t imagine a life with no you

Oh how my love for you is true

Together forever …

Thinking of our wedding day

Brings tears of joy to my face

Together forever …

Spending the rest of my life with you

Is all I really want to do

Together forever …

xoxx Mz Hollywood


9 Good Reasons To Break Off A Wedding

1. You realized that you are not in love with them

2. You realized that you were rushing into things

3. You found out that they have been cheating

4. You are in love with someone else

5. You decided to take a job offer that will not be beneficial to your marriage

6. Neither of you want to marry each other anymore

7. Neither can agree where to live

8. If you’re drunk and can’t remember the person or their name

9. If the bride/groom doesn’t show up