Nesting… In Full Effect!

So those of you who are parents or have been around a pregnant woman knows what nesting is. But for those of you who have no clue what I am talking about, nesting is a serious condition for most if not all pregnant women.

So my nesting phase is in full effect! I’ll be 33 weeks in a couple days and I have already had my baby shower on February 3rd. I have washed all her clothes hung them up or folded them and put them in drawers. I have re-organized my room to make room for her. Cleaned, dusted, swept, mopped and re-organized the bookshelf and medicine cabinet. The only thing I have left to do is have her father put up the baby bed and the bassinet. Clearly you can tell that I have NOCD (Nesting Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

I didn’t realize that this was such a real thing until just now. I have such a strong urge to do nothing but clean and get stuff ready for my baby girl. It’s so bad that I would rather not go to work so that I can clean and get things organized. Ridiculous I know!

I officially can no longer make fun of pregnant women and the weird things that they do and eat. I have undoubtedly become one of those women! Nesting for me is just so relaxing and calming. And you know what, I wouldn’t change it for anything or anyone. Although being pregnant has been a huge adjustment for me, I am absolutely and unequivocally loving it!

30 Day Challenge – Day 1

Day 1: Weird things you do when you’re alone.

When I am alone I like to bite my nails. Once I bite the nail off from one corner of my finger to the other, I like to bite it into tiny pieces. I know that it is totally weird and I probably over shared! But hey, I am an open book. Another weird thing that I do when I am alone is put on music and I like to recreate my favorite dance scenes from movies. Such as Flashdance, Footloose, Burlesque, etc. because I love dancing and I love musicals.

9 Good Reasons To Break Off A Wedding

1. You realized that you are not in love with them

2. You realized that you were rushing into things

3. You found out that they have been cheating

4. You are in love with someone else

5. You decided to take a job offer that will not be beneficial to your marriage

6. Neither of you want to marry each other anymore

7. Neither can agree where to live

8. If you’re drunk and can’t remember the person or their name

9. If the bride/groom doesn’t show up