Oh My…

So it’s Monday again! If you live in or near Chicago you know that we had a ton of snow and schools were closed on Friday. Yay for a Snow Day for all the teachers (including myself)! I think we were happier than the kids.

So most of you all know that I’m pregnant. I’m a few days away from being 33 weeks. Time is just dragging for me these days. I just want to have my baby girl already!

I’m currently at work and I am just tired and not really wanting to be here. My family and friends told me that this day would come in my pregnancy where I just did not want to work anymore. I thought they were just exaggerating but… it’s really true!

This is totally how I am feeling. I have 4 more weeks until I go on maternity leave but I’m not sure if I’m going to make it. I have such a hard time just getting myself out of bed to come to work and finding any type of motivation to actually be here.

I guess I’m just ready to have my baby and begin this journey of being a mom. I really am looking forward to it!

I wonder how many of you have the Monday morning blues today?

30 Day Challenge – Day 1

Day 1: Weird things you do when you’re alone.

When I am alone I like to bite my nails. Once I bite the nail off from one corner of my finger to the other, I like to bite it into tiny pieces. I know that it is totally weird and I probably over shared! But hey, I am an open book. Another weird thing that I do when I am alone is put on music and I like to recreate my favorite dance scenes from movies. Such as Flashdance, Footloose, Burlesque, etc. because I love dancing and I love musicals.

Broken Hearted Girl


What has love ever done for me?

Lie to me

Abuse me

Mistreat me

Misuse me

Every time I think love is on my side

It laughs in my face with all its pride

30 Day Writing Challenge!!

So I came across this 30 day challenge that I am going to attempt starting tomorrow. One of my resolutions for this new year was to get back to blogging and writing on the regular, so I figure this would give me a fresh start. Feel free to join me in this challenge if you would like.


The New Age of Man

What is wrong with this new age of man?
They no longer open our doors or pull out our chairs.
They no longer give us the simplest romantic gestures and loving stares.
They no longer take us on dates just to spend quality time.
They no longer buy us nice flowers with a note “Just because you are mines”.
They no longer date us to actually get to know us inside and out.
They no longer write us beautiful love letters and poems telling us what they’re all about.
They no longer take us for romantic walks along the beach.
They no longer talk to us with respect when they speak.
They no longer call us ladies, miss or ma’am.
They no longer like to walk and hold our hands.
They no longer call to tell us good morning and goodnight.
They no longer show that for our love they are willing to fight.
The men who still do all of these things are a rare commodity.
But maybe there are more of you out there possibly.